Never Taught to the Gentile Church

What is Communion? The Book by Eli Pagan

Unlock the hidden power inside the sacred ceremony of Communion though a study of Ancient Jewish wedding customs. Experience a relationship with Christ like never before when you familiarize yourself with these Jewish traditions. Learn why Jesus spoke about two cups, why the Church was bought with a price, why the Holy Spirit is described as a gift, and much more. Discover the supernatural provisions that God placed in Communion for us including healing, peace, protection, revelations, and intimacy with Christ.

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"Thank you for crafting something about this least understood mystery in our walk of faith."

— Vincent Mujune, Destiny Family Life Church

"I definitely received further revelation on Communion by reading your book."

— Ron Trammell, Pastor, Elijah Miracle Ministries

"Very well done and one I give
my highest recommendation."

— Shirley Priscilla Johnson, Amazon Top 500 Reviewer

About the Author

ELÍ PAGÁN is a spirit filled follower of Jesus Christ. He discovered through his study of the Bible, fresh revelations from God, regarding the rich Jewish tapestry that was interwoven into this sacred ceremony. When he started having Communion in his home he discovered an increased richness in his relationship with God and many more blessings. These are available to all of us, if we choose to follow the words of Scripture and partake in this sacred meal as it was intended.